Permalinks on Mac OS

Mac OS X has Apache and PHP built in. I installed MySQL and set up a localhost WordPress install on it. Everything looked good, until I tried to enable pretty permalinks. The pretty links just didn’t work.

The Codex page indicates that FollowSymLinks must be enabled and AllowOverride should be All (or FileInfo). I tried putting that into the httpd.conf file but that didn’t work.

It took a while to realise that I was putting those directives into the section for the web root directory and not the user specific folder where I had actually put the site. Following the trail of includes in the well commented config files, I found my user Apache config in /etc/apache2/users/.conf

Added those options into the config file and permalinks are working 🙂

EDIT: Upgraded to OSX Mountain Lion and it uses a different set of configuration files. It looks like user config files aren’t created by default so I just changed the default directive.


4 thoughts on “Permalinks on Mac OS”

    1. Like the post said, I edited the default configuration in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf

      It’s the section that starts with <Directory /> Make sure the AllowOverride setting is set to All. It should be around line 180.

  1. I know this is probably old, but man was this useful. I spent about an hour trying to chase the problem down. Your fix worked perfectly. Thanks!

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