SlideDeck Bumps

With new events coming up, it was time to replace the Slidedeck on the home page. This turned out to be more difficult than expected.

Firstly, the Insert SlideDeck button was hidden behind the Upgrade banner. When I moved that admin widget away from the sidebar to the main post column, the ‘Insert’ button became visible, but it didn’t work. Terribly irritating.

I remembered that all it did was to insert a shortcode into HTML view, but when I tried [Slidedeck], that didn’t work either. After firing up my development VM and checking the test page I had created, I realized that the shortcode is case sensitive.

For my own reference, and because all the information online was on how to use the ‘Insert’ button, the shortcode I’m using is below.

[SlideDeck id='xxxx' width='100%' height='250px'] Replace xxxx with the id number of the SlideDeck, which can be seen when editing it.