Placeholder Menu Tab

The twentyten theme my site theme is based on using dynamic menus. This allows menus to be created and edited very easily by going to Appearance -> Menus and indulging in some fun drag and drop. Unfortunately, every entry has to link to somewhere (or so I thought). Thus I had pages for all the tabs and had to force some content into them.

I received a new requirement today. The ‘About’ page had to be renamed, but when grouped with another page, it made sense for both of those pages to be under a main heading of ‘About’. How could I create a placeholder menu tab which doesn’t link anywhere?

A quick Google search returned the solution in seconds.

Simply create a custom link with a target of ‘#’. This will create a link which doesn’t go anywhere and the menu entry can now be used as a top level tab.


2 thoughts on “Placeholder Menu Tab”

    1. Hi Dean,

      It’s under Appearance -> Menus. This is assuming your theme uses dynamic menus. The placeholder entry is created as a custom link. Set the URL to ‘#’ (without the quote marks) so it doesn’t actually link anywhere.

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