Quarterly Programme Page

The weekly programme for the site I’m working on is released every quarter as a Microsoft Word file with a table. The challenge is how to keep it updated with a minimum of fuss. I considered various approaches like manually typing it out into a table, or even creating a gigantic admin page of metaboxes for each of the weeks in a quarter.

The problem with the metaboxes approach is that the number of weeks in each quarter is not constant. Some months will have five weeks, or there may be special services which require more entries.

Being lazy, I decided to try just selecting the data and copying it into the editor window of a page to see what happens. It didn’t quite work out when using Google Docs as all the formatting was lost, but saving the document first then using the paste from Word feature in the Visual Editor worked fine.

There were some extra newlines and paragraphs, probably due to extra whitespace in the original document, but it was not too tedious to remove these manually.

With the content in the right place, it was time to make it look nice. The default padding for table data in the Twenty Ten theme was way too much, making some of the cells too fat, and the borders were faint gray lines which can’t be seen.This was easily fixed by adding the following CSS code to the theme stylesheet.

#content tr td {
    padding: 6px 12px;
    border: 1px solid #000000;