WordPress 3.1 Reinhardt Released

Looking through the forums this morning, I suddenly realised that there were lots of references to WordPress 3.1. I quickly checked the main page and discovered that it had been released while I was asleep. What would it mean for the site?

Having setup my site to use SVN, I just had to switch the working copy over to the latest version to update. After the update was complete, I visited the site to see an Internal Server Error. A quick bit of Google searching suggested that plugins should have been disabled before updating. Oops. I renamed the plugins folder and the site was up again.

One of the new features in WordPress 3.1 is Custom Post Type Archives, so maybe that clashes with the plugin I’m using. It was also the only one with an update. With the plugin disabled, the audio player didn’t work, and neither did the custom archives widget.

There didn’t seem to be any useful information on how to enable dated archives for custom post types, so I decided to try updating and activating the plugin.

Still one more problem. The archive pages were showing the wrong sidebar. A bit of investigation showed that the plugin provided function is_post_type_archive() had been renamed to pta_is_post_type_archive() because WordPress had used the old name. Since I was using that function in sidebar.php to check for the page type, I had to update its name. Everything seems to work now!


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