Adding a new Custom Post Type

As before, use the register_post_type() function to register a new custom post type. This will be named ‘newsletter’ and will be for the weekly messengers. The name ‘newsletter’ was chosen as it is the most generic description of this type of content. Using the specific name would make it more troublesome should I need to reuse this code in the future.

The key thing I wanted to do here is to let it use the built in categories. This is done by adding 'taxonomies' => array('category') to the array of arguments passed into the registration function. Additional taxonomies can be added to the array if necessary. This tip was found at deluxeblogtips

The rest of the steps are a repeat of what was done for the sermon post type. A custom loop file was created, the main feature in this loop is the code to get the memory verse from the custom fields and display it in a blockquote.

Similar to the sermon post type, all the newsletter entries will be displayed with a custom page template. This modifies the Query so that it only gets the newsletter post type. The same trick of checking for the existence of the pagename array key is used to check if the template is being used for the chronological archives or the normal display page.

A custom template file is also needed for single posts. It’s the same as the sermon one except that it calls a different loop.

I also had to enable post type archives in the Custom Post Type Archives plugin for my new custom post type.


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