Modifying the header

The default header was way too large and garish. While having the image change if there’s a featured image is a nice touch, it did not suit my requirement of a more serious and business-like church site. I also wanted to put a Google Custom Search box on the traditional upper right corner of the page, thus the header.php file was the first to be copied over to the child theme directory and modified.

The first thing I did was to get rid of the whole chunk of code which displayed the header image. That left just the site title, pretty boring. It should be possible to just remove the header image using the admin interface, but this left a huge empty placeholder there instead. Thus I had to remove the whole chunk of code which controls the header image.

Borrowing code from the previous project, I used CSS to add a logo to the site title link by setting it as the background. It was set to no-repeat and the text-indent property was used to move the actual text title so it does not overlap the logo.

The CSS for the site description was also modified so it would be on the bottom right hand side of the header. I want the top right hand side for the search box.


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